Body Shop Events FAQ

I just wanted to have a post/FAQ to point people to when creating a new profile on The Body Shop site so here it is!


If you are trying to register on in order to come to an event, read this:

Go to and read the entire page.  There is some very important information in there. At the bottom, enter and confirm your email address. Please make sure it is an email that you have easy access to so that you can get the address to the club sent to you, confirmation that you profile is approved and confirmation of RSVPs.  

Below that is member type.  Choose one of the following options:

Adult: If you are single and non-binary or do not identify as male or female, choose this.

Couple: If you are a couple of any type or identities, choose that so that you two can share a membership.   

Female: If you identify as a single female, choose this.

Male: If you identify as a single male, choose this but if you are coming to a Freaky Friday, please get a code from me first.

Poly Couple: Choose Couple instead so that you can enter three names.

As of right now there are no trans options but they are working on it.  Please pick whatever you are most comfortable with and you can elaborate on it in the About Me section later. 

Click Continue.

Enter your info.  All of the fields with the red asterisks are mandatory. You must also upload a face photo so that they can verify it is you when you come into the club.  If you are a couple, it must be of both of you. Only staff members checking you in can see this so a quick selfie/group selfie will do. This will be the photo uploaded under Member Card.  The Members photo is your profile photo that will be visible to other approved members. It does not need to show your face if you are uncomfortable with that.

You must fill out the about me section with more than a sentence!  They will deny profiles that do not have everything filled out.  Also, if you are coming mainly for Freaky Friday, put that in your profile along with some info about yourself.  Once again, your profile needs to be more than a sentence or two for them to approve it!

Once your profile is created and you login to the site, click on the person icon at the very top right then Account.  Change the notification preference to limited or none if you get too many emails.


If you have any other questions, please let me know so I can add it to this and get you an answer.  If you need any changes done to your profile and can’t seem to do it, please contact the club as I do not have access to any of those systems.  Thank you!