Exploring Semenawa Through Suspension with Mynx and darkEcho

Hosted by Rope Bite Pgh and The Body Shop

November 2nd and 3rd from 9am to 5pm

Photos by DWL

We are excited to announce Mynx will be returning to Pittsburgh with darkEcho for a weekend workshop of rope bondage. The workshop will be rich with technical, emotional, psychological and inspirational content.

This 2 day workshop will be tailored to fit the skill level and needs of the attendees.

All suspensions will be carried out on a linear point using rattan poles. Principles of bamboo suspensions translate to rattan with some slight nuances.

Proficiency in technique is important in rope bondage not only from a safety standpoint, but it allows for a much deeper and richer experience in the rope for both tops and bottoms. By creating an environment of safety and security with ties possessing sound structure and maintaining integrity throughout the scene, both the top and bottom are able to delve deeper into the kinbaku experience. The workshop will focus on a balance of technique and emotional bonding on both sides of the rope.

Choices of ties, friction, direction and knots all play an important role in the aspects of rope. Focus on the finer points of rope bondage will allow for profound communication with the rope.
Advanced Tie fundamentals
Advanced suspension fundamentals
Bottoming – Exploring the edges of pain tolerance “Flying through the White Hot
Bottoms will be encouraged to explore the edges of their pain tolerance through suspension

Power in the Unspoken – Effective Non-verbal communication, reading your partner

We will explore the psychology and emotion motivating our choices in rope bondage and how and why we tie…. All carried out through suspensions with subtle but yet powerful impact.
Breath play
Managing flux and fluidity in the scene
Playing with levels
Playing in the ascent and descent

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TOPS – ability to tie a sustainable 3 rope TK, experience with static suspensions at a minimum.
BOTTOMS – experience with static suspensions at a minimum.

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