Odys & Angelknightxxx Intensive

Odys & Angelknightxxx

Emotional Transitions Rope Intensive

March 16-17th 2019

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There will be one scholarship ticket available and other payment arrangements can be made if needed.  Please email me directly for more information.


Day 1: Introduction to Emotional Transitions: Floor work and Partials

The often heard saying rope is not about rope is rooted in the essence of Kinbaku. Kinbaku is often understood is a way to tie a mind to free emotions.

In this one day workshop we will explore emotional aspects of Kinbaku from the ground up. We will explore floor shapes meant to induce a range of emotions from playful (asobi) and shameful to torturous and painful (seme). We will then add the uplines to these shapes to turn them into partial suspensions to add emotional transitions that re-enforce the desired intent.

Depending on the pace of the participants we will focus on:

– Floor positioning in Gote;

– Ebi

– Reverse Ebi


– Crab binding

Level: Intermediate/High Intermediate
Prerequisites: basic rope safety for both partners, fundamental tying techniuqes, two-rope gote/TK/box tie and basic upline management for tops, some experience with predicament bondage for bottoms.
Tools: 7-8 hanks of 8m ropes.

Day 2: Advanced Emotional Transitions: the Power of Levels for Torment Rope

Kinbaku is often understood is a way to tie a mind to free emotions. One of the most intense forms of binding one’s mind is torment rope (semenawa) This form of bondage forces complete emotional surrender which is achieved by the high endorphin release. Getting someone to such a state is a mutual and delicate journey, where the rope is minimal, almost faded to the background.

In this one day workshop we will explore how to use rope to achieve and induce semenawa emotions through the the use of levels. We will focus on several transition sequences with a chosen intent from floor to air by changing levels to reach the peak of the emotional intensity.

Depending on the pace of the participants we will focus on:

– tip-toe stands
– torsions
– vertical/horizontal leveling
– asymmetric levels for enhanced vulnerability/exposure

Level: High Intermediate/Advanced
Prerequisites: basic rope safety and strong communication for both partners; for tops: fundamental tying techniques, two/three rope gote/TK/box tie, solid upline management, experience with horizontal, vertical and torsion static/dynamic suspensions, experience in pattern-free tying various components to achieve the desired levels/shapes with minimal supervision; understanding of body mechanics. for bottoms: experience with predicament bondage, partial and full suspensions, torsions, and compressed shapes.

Tools: 8-12 hanks of 8m ropes.;1-2 hanks of 4m ropes; 1-2 hanks of 2m ropes



Websites/Social media:

Fet: https://fetlife.com/users/2784745
Twitter: @riggerodys
Instagram : riggerodys


Odys is a Virginia, based rigger/rope artist who discovered the beauty of rope bondage four years ago, and has been deeply dedicated to it ever since. Initially inspired by the traditional Japanese style bondage through the Art of Akira Naka’s Semenawa and later by Yukimura-San, Odys has studied with many world class kinbakushi including Kinoko-San, Kazami Ranki, Gorgone and Pedro among others.

In 2016, Odys had the privilege of meeting Akira Naka at a Baltimore workshop, and subsequently traveled to Tokyo to further his studies with Naka-San. In 2017, Odys created KinbakuOdyssey Studio where he continues to fully immerse himself into the art of kinbaku.

To Odys, kinbaku is a connective journey expressed through emotional transitions, evoked by rope placement and power exchange. Each rope represents the catch and release of control. With each rope, he takes his partners on a journey of self discovery, exposing what they secretly crave. His unique expression of sensually erotic semenawa evokes sensations of pleasure and pain, ultimately pushing his partners, and himself, to new and unexpected places.


Websites/Social media:
Fet: https://fetlife.com/users/3781984
IG: Angelic_knight

Angelknightxxx is a Cleveland based rope bottom who first discovered rope and bondage five years ago, however in the last two years she has found the true beauty of rope and has developed a deeper relationship with rope.

Listen to them on Graydancer’s Ropecast here: http://graydancer.libsyn.com/riggerodys-angelknightxxx

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