Rope Fundamentals II

Rope Fundamentals II

Rope Fundamentals (Intro to Rope) was a success all the way around.  WE had a lot of fun teaching, and all of YOU told us it was a lot of fun learning the basics.  Just as important, we all made new friends.  Now it’s time to get together again for the Rope Fundamentals II class where we will show you how to build on what you’ve learned and explore more advanced techniques and ties.  Starting with a short refresher of key points we need from the first class, we will go straight into more interesting and complicated ties.  We will explore and learn the foundational shibari two rope basic box tie, aka the TK, as well as the ebi and others.  We’ll spend time talking about more subtle pieces which really make a difference and will translate to many other ties. And we’ll spend time on general flow and efficiency which can make your rope much more enjoyable.

I will be leading this class, assisted by an experienced TA. The class size will be kept small so that everyone can get one-on-one time so please make sure to get your tickets early!  It is suggested that you bring 4 pieces of 6mm (¼”) rope 8m or 30’ long and 2 pieces 4m or 15’ long, preferably a natural fiber like jute or hemp. We will have plenty of rope for you to borrow if you do not already have your own. You might want to bring a mat or blanket to make tying on the ground more comfortable.

Tickets will be sold as one ticket per tying pair or as a solo person. While having a partner is certainly preferred, you can still learn and follow along by doing the ties on yourself.  There will be a comprehensive set of links to videos of what was covered for you to review later.

Please note that you must be 18 years old or older to attend this class and bring valid ID.

If you have any questions about the class, please feel free to email me on FetLife or at

We hope you’ll join us for Rope Bite Fundamentals II on Saturday September 28.  Tickets are at  Sign up for my email list to be notified of future events.